After 7 years working full time in the fitness industry and a lifetime of attending gyms and playing sport, Greg had a vision of a gym that was accessible to everyone irrelevant of their physical ability. In an industry where people regularly engage in fitness but give up on their goals Greg's aim is to remove the barriers that stop new people engaging in fitness and keep existing members on track to achieve their goals.

At Evolution fitness we aim to do this in two main ways, firstly an accessible facility that has top of the range equipment to allow all levels from professional athletes to busy working parents to achieve their goals and enjoy taking part in exercise, secondly to create an environment where coming to the gym and staying fit and healthy is not a chore but a way of life, by creating a facility where you can meet up with friends and make new ones, have a coffee and a catch up, get fit and healthy, attend races and events and feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

A gym at the heart of the community, for the community.